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Monthly Archives: July 2023

"Bad habits that make love so bad"

“Bad habits that make love so bad”

Every woman may be interested in loving someone. But sometimes the character of a woman. Who does not know to adapt to love, it is the cause of love to fall down, it is the emotional story of women who make men love how much, but probably frustrated quite a bit.

"Ketogenic", 1 week keto diet plan

“Ketogenic”, 1 week keto diet plan

Ketogenic, for anyone who wants to lose weight to be effective in addition to exercising on a regular basis. We also have to control our diet. Because the food we eat is the main factor that will make us fat or thin enough. Which if anyone who does not know

"4 healthy food To create good health"

“4 healthy food To create good health”

Healthy food  It can be count as having a wide variety of menus for you to taste, plus how to take care of your health in order to affect the human body is most complete. It can be say that there are many other methods as well. But the

"Nama Chocolate", sweet and soft

“Nama Chocolate”, sweet and soft

Today, we have a famous dessert recipe! That is Nama Chocolate that comes to please chocolate lovers, I must say that you must not miss it! Let’s see Rich chocolate texture Which uses a dark chocolate mixture into the mixture with full flavor, soft texture, just perfect sweetness, and also add a