“Bad habits that make love so bad”

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Every woman may be interested in loving someone. But sometimes the character of a woman. Who does not know to adapt to love, it is the cause of love to fall down, it is the emotional story of women who make men love how much, but probably frustrated quite a bit.

Stupid wayward

Idiot That’s all So boring that you don’t want to talk to you If he finds someone better than you Guarantee him wearing a cat’s paw, sneaking back and not going back. Conclude, if you think about ทางเข้า ufabet being touchy or overbearing for no reason, then think for a while. Then turn to talk a lot more honestly.

Use your emotions as the head

Actually, there should be more reasons than judging emotions. This comes from her that Mood swings Which some things are not as we thought Reason to help Do not allow the symptoms to be severe. Speak quietly when you have problems with each other.

Set conditions, place conditions, various conditions

Those who like to set rules When doing something for each other, there must be a variety of conditions in order to exchange each other without losing any benefits. Or either side has a disadvantage Like this is considered too fussy. Because people love each other, they do not think much. The kind that I only give you You have to give me back as much as I gave it away.

Make him jealous

Men, too, know that their attempts to make him feel jealous of women. It is the trick of the relationship that women I only want to explore my own ratings. He knows that women just want to be sarcastic to let the man know that when he has the right to make us feel jealous. We too are not that without the charm and lack of men. To make him feel in a fury, playing ufabet with ears and eyes with other men.

Disrespect him

Should honor him In front of other people Give a nice smile if you stay 2 on 2 and talk to each other No matter what However, do not let him lose face It is better to keep talking with 2 people. The story does not escalate.

Forget to take care of his sensory space

The focus is that he might have something uncomfortable. At least stay with him, encourage him or make him more comfortable. Take care of him. When he is discouraged or frustrated. There must be some that we cannot think of. But if someone sits next to. We at that time would be fine.

Imprison him every second

Leave him some alone Where he goes, what he does, we don’t have to follow him. Being alone will be able to relax as much as possible. When I run out of Max, I’ll be back.